3-roll variable geometry hydraulic bending machines, fully synchronized

 Our PH line of plate rolls with variable geometry is the perfect solution for very thick materials: up to 300 mm.

As plates get thicker, you face more challenges involving what many plate rolls leave behind after an initial rolling operation: the unbent flat. The variable geometry (variable axis) MG design solves your problem. Its two bottom rolls move laterally, the top roll vertically: our system acts like a press with a variable V die. To form thicker metal, the two bottom rolls move apart, and the top roll descends to a specified position to roll the desired diameter.

To pre-bend on our variable geometry PH machine, the operator can feed the plate in, and move a lower roll under the top roll to the precise position needed. The MG variable geometry machines are the right choice if rerolling is required: the top roll descends in the middle of the unbent flat section and rolls the metal out to the desired radius.


Three rolls driven by planetary gearboxes and hydraulic motors. Double spherical roller bearings. Permanent lubrication. Rolls cambering based on the thickness of materials, to avoid any deflection and produce the most accurate bends. On MG three-roll variable geometry machines, the lower rolls move horizontally and the upper roll moves up and down: as on four-roll machines, material loads parallel to the floor, so the machine pit can be constructed to working level. 

  • All 3 rolls are powered, to apply the maximum torque.
  • Press power of the top roll is fully available.
  • The plate does not slip during pre-bending.
  • Best possible pre-bending precision.
  • Side rolls blocked by the hydraulic motor and gearbox.  

Advantages of our CNC system: Full machine diagnostics, automatic calibration programs. Rolling calculation, with 3 axis visible in real time. Dynamic control with wireless connection.