The best hydraulic section bending machines:
3-roll and 4-roll solutions for all types of profile and pipe. 
We produce 14 machine sizes:
shaft diameter from 60mm up to 540mm.  Section modulus W cm3 from 10 up to 15,000.

With MG you can bend "H" shape beams up to 1000mm.  Our 4-roll profile bending machines improve capacity on bigger diameters, thanks to the wider distance of side rolls.  They allow profiling and bending in one step: perfect for serial production. MG machines are optimized for bending I, U and H beams the hard way.

Our new AR machines are more powerful and heavily proportioned in terms of frame, shaft size, bearings and drive torque. CNC controls and a wide array of options are available for all models. Our bending programme includes: tubes and pipes, angles, U profiles, T bars, double T bars, square bars.

With the new AR line, we give you the best technical solutions:

340 tons and 220 HP ...

AR 530 is the new section bending machine manufactured by MG Italy, that completes the large range of models of plate and section bending rolls the company can take pride in its 56 years of life. The AR530 is the biggest section bending machine ever built; it is a giant 29.5 high, 340 tons, 220 HP with 1900 ton torque. The AR530 can bend standard or special profiles: channels, beams, round and square tubes and pipes. Wide flange beams up to 40 can be bent the hard way!

This machine has been built following the unique manufacturing tenets which are typical for MG, such as the planetary movement of the bending rolls, which, thanks to the hydraulic cylinders, reduces frictions to a minimum and can be considered an anti-deflection system. In fact, the planetary approach of the two bending rolls towards the main shaft, which is fixed in the center, allows a perfect bending with very short flat edges. The hydraulic side guides have a tri-dimensional movement: the bending rolls will adapt to the profile and follow it completely in the curve forming.
Our Direct Drive system, which has replaced low-efficiency belts or chains with a direct axis driving, allows the entire machine torque to go into the bending and does not lose torque between the various gears.