CNC Touch Command EVO

Nexus - Numerical Control

Technical Characteristics:

  • Amount of saved programs is virtually unlimited
  • Amount of steps per program is virtually unlimited
  • Linux operating system
  • New generation motherboard conforms to Rohs regulations
  • Integrated graphical card with accelerated 3D hardware
  • Intel Celeron Mobile 1.5 GHz CPU with lower operating temperature (optimal for industrial environments)
  • Memory DIMM type DDR 1 GHz
  • The direct connection of the LVDS display leaves the VGA port open for connecting an external monitor
  • The touch screen display conforms to Rohs regulations
  • Calculation Capacity has tripled compared to previous versions
  • Front panel with more input/output ports: 2 USB, 1 Serial, 1 Ethernet

When choosing a 4 roll machine with a CNC control there really is no better choice than the Touch Command EVO.

NEXUS our new and evolved numerical control with all features of MG NC Lynx with following added and improved functions:

The possibility to control:

    • Three bending axis (X Y Z)
    • Two Side Supports
    • Central support
    • Pinching controller through pressure
    • Power Ejector on/off
    • Interface with PLC control power conveyor
    • Archive 300 programs with 99 steps each
    • Graphic interface Man / Machine thorough a touch screen panel.