Our new line of 4-roll plate bending machines offer many decisive advantages.

MG four roll line is the easiest to operate plate bending machine, thanks to its ability to pinch the plate between the 2 central driven rolls, prebend the leading edge, and rolling the body of the part along with the trailing edge all in one direction and in one pass. The plate is kept square, without slipping, during both pre-bending and rolling because of the constant clamping of the bottom and top rolls. This makes our four roll machine perfectly suited to be controlled by a NC or CNC control. The MG solution is reliable and effective. Side roll parallelism is maintained by a torsion bar system which connects both ends of the roll together, eliminating the weakness of extra encoders and hydraulic circuits.

Our special advantage is the ability to maintain a perfect parallel of the lower central pinching roll. The lower roll on the MG 4 roll plate bending is raised and lowered by rotating an eccentric bar located beneath the lower roll. Since both ends of the roll are being lifted by this one piece eccentric bar it is impossible for the lower roll to be moved out of parallel. We do not use hydraulic circuits and multiple encoders to control oil flow to two separate cylinders, pushing upwards to keep a theoretical parallel, because the ability to hold the roll parallel is lost if any of these components fail.