MG leads the evolution in the market of hydraulic plate bending machines.

Three driven rolls with double pinch, our machines can perform the pre-bending in both sides without having to turn the material the other way around: versatile and flexible. All our components are of the best quality brands, with after sales service in every corner of the world.The new G line 3-roll plate bending machine is easy to operate and is the strongest rolling machine available today. Main features: Electro-welded frames. Three powered rolls with hydraulic motors and planetary gearboxes. Planetary driven rolls, with parallelism control by massive torsion bars. Forged steel, induction tempered and hardened. No maintenance needed.
All machine parts are of the best quality, made in Italy.

All the MG machines can be equipped with CNC Touch Command EVO control, to help ensure accurate automatic bending. It is developed on a real-time Linux platform, generated following the machine geometry. The closed-loop system has an ongoing dialogue between the CNC and onboard machine sensors. The CNC reads the values and (if necessary) corrects them immediately, allowing for total control and no material waste. Our EVO control system adapts to different materials, and the operator can choose the required shape via simple input of base parameters. It controls accessories such as central and side supports, motorized tables, squaring arms, and loading systems. Our new G line can be equipped with remote assistance.