Designed and manufactured to bend thin materials,these rolling machines can close very small diameters.
If you need high productivity and small diameters, this is the right choice!  
A dragging bounded roll with hydraulic pinching grant a steady and precise material dragging. 
Our 2-roll plate bending machines have Warranty on all components: high quality industrial brands, easy to find in every corner of the world.

For dedicated high speed production of light gauge cylinders they are the optimal solution by MG. Hardened and ground steel roll on top, with a large diameter roll at the bottom made of high-density urethane.  You can get perfect "one pass rolling" with output of thousands parts per day.  Punched and pierced plates do not deform with these MG plate rolls.  Our 2-roll plate rolling machines are the right technology in high-speed production of shells in steel, aluminum and stainless steel.